ELMO was our first go at a statistical leakage simulator for the ARM M0 family: it simulates the actual power consumption of a small range of ARM M0 devices (from two different manufacturers).
This project originated from the research of David McCann (on modelling energy efficiency), originally funded by NCSC and then by EPSRC (LADA) under the supervision of Elisabeth Oswald. The modelling technique was further refined by Elisabeth Oswald in the context of the SEAL (ERC Cog) proposal. Eventually the research team was expanded by Carolyn Whitnall (funded via REASSURE H2020 funding, Bristol) and Si Gao (initially funded via REASSURE H2020 funding, Bristol, now funded via SEAL ERC CoG Klagenfurt).

The tool is available as open source here. A technicalpresentation by Carolyn Whitnall gives a nice technical overview and explanation.