Arnab Roy (PhD Luxembourg), who previously held research positions at Bristol University (UK) and DTU (Denmark), joins the University of Klagenfurt as a lecturer in the Cybersecurity group.

Arnab began his career with a master’s degree in Mathematics from the IIT Kanpur and a further master’s degree in CS from the Indian Statistical Institute focussing on statistical machine learning.

Thereafter he moved to the University of Luxembourg and pursued a PhD under the supervision of Alex Biryukov in the area of symmetric key cryptography. His postdoctoral research initially continued in the area of symmetric cryptography at the Technical University of Denmark with Christian Rechberger, but he branched out to include aspects around leakage resilience as a postdoctoral researcher in Bristol with Elisabeth Oswald.

Arnab will strengthen the Cybersecurity team with his unique blend of background in both machine learning, cryptography and leakage resilience.